Logistics & Supply Chain Management

The vehicle volume is expected to rise greatly in the future along these sectors:Aviation & Airlines Forwarding Agencies Logistics Ports & Shipping Road Transport Railways

Logistics & Transportation plays a significant role in the overall development of a nation’s economy. India’s transport sector is large and diverse. At the same time, the Automobile industry in India is rapidly growing with an annual production of over 2.6 million vehicles. The Indian government has taken several initiatives to develop a large and efficient transportation infrastructure for four modes of transport in India: air, road, rail and sea. It is estimated that the transport sector alone will require an investment of nearly $500 billion (3.6 percent of GDP) over the next 10 years. The government is committed to the biggest programme of investment in roads since the 1970s. By 2020 the government plans to triple the money spent on roads compared to the present.

To meet these sectoral requirements, APTO has a specialized team of industry experts who focus on the manpower requirements of the logistics & transportation sector for India and the APAC.