Automobile & Automobile Components

The Automotive industry comprising automobile and auto component sectors is one of the key drivers of any economy as it provides large-scale employment with a strong multiplier effect.

In India, the automotive industry is one of the largest industries showing impressive growth over the years and has been significantly making increasing contribution towards the overall industrial development in the country.

In the coming times India is poised to emerge as the destination of choice in the world for design and manufacture of automobiles and auto components, thus providing additional employment to 25 million people by 2016.With our experience in this industry, we are geared to provide the right fit for roles in R&D, Process, Engineering, Safety & Security, Plant Management, Marketing &Sales and Management staff besides the supervisory roles. Our clients are headquartered across USA, France, Germany, Italy, Korea and Japan.

Our practice has deep expertise and collaborates as a global team to ensure companies have candidates who meet their specific needs and cultures. We can help you identify talent.We cater to various requirements across domains in this sector.

The leading companies in the Automobile Sector are our clients and we work in areas such as:

  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Passenger Cars
  • Utility Vehicles
  • Trucks
  • Commercial Passenger Carriers
  • Defence Vehicles
  • Engine Assembly
  • Casting Components
  • Forging Components
  • Sheet Metal Auto Components