Project-Based Recruitment

Bulk-hiring & Turnkey hiring: We have the bandwidth, technology, processes and expertise to support your high-volume recruiting needs. we can quickly respond to high-volume hiring requirements at a local, regional, or national level – without compromising on the quality.

Mass Hiring: Approximately 50 – 150 candidates appear in one drive.
Know-how & Understanding of the Sector: We can easily deliver resumes without the Job Description.
Dedicated Team: We have best of the team available for all sectors.
Industrial Mapping:We continuously do an industrial mapping exercise for our valuable clients.
Own Database & Software: Every CV is validated from four checkpoints. First by the Analysts, then Recruitment Executive, then by the Team Leader and finally by the Vertical Head.
Complete Involvement: A team comprising senior consultants and a member from the management of StepUp HR actually travels to the Drive location for coordination and conducting the drive smoothly.